Over the last 70 years, millions of people have been changed In
  Wonderful ways by joseph Campbell's hero's journey formula.
Now, for the first time, this technology is available
through a life-transforming online Process

"A Hero's Journey"
Changes Lives In Profound & Powerful Ways

People On A Hero's Journey are Happier... More Confident...

More Fulfilled... And Their Relationships Flourish!

do you live with one or more of these situations?

Living In Constant


Your Job or Career
Being Out of Balance
Never Enough Time
Money Problems
Family Problems
Your Health

Experiencing Major

Life Changes

Career / Lost Job
Relationship Issues

Loss / Grief
Getting Older

Feeling Frequent



Feeling Lost

No Real Direction

No Purpose
No Meaning
No Passion
You're Stuck

a hero's journey improves or eliminates these
and much, much more... here's how

The odds are you're here because you're dealing with a problem and if you could make it better or get rid of it, your life would be a lot better. This problem is painful or worrisome to the point that you're ready and want to do something about it.

Now, we're guessing this isn't the first problem you've had to deal with in your life... We can absolutely promise you it won't be the last.

Every human life consists of inevitable problems. The only question is, how are you going to deal with them?

Will it be each and every problem as unique and different? Trying to figure out a strategy for each and every one? Over and Over and Over Again?

Or is there a better way?

The incredible and unique power of A Hero's Journey is in the fact that it isn't designed to deal with just a specific problem or challenge. A Hero's Journey provides a comprehensive, proven structure and powerful processes that grow you to be bigger and more powerful than the problems you will inevitably encounter.

No one can promise you that you won't ever have problems. What we can do, is show you how to live your life in a way that will deal with each one of them much more easily and effectively. And, in many cases, even anticipate and eliminate them before they come-up.

A Hero's Journey Will Make All Of Your Life A Lot Better

3 Things You Will Gain When You Take A Hero's Journey

1) Clarity

Through A Hero's Journey online experience, you will gain a much deeper knowledge and understanding of who you are, what you want, what is most important to you and what your innate strengths and weaknesses are so you can consciously choose to evolve and become a stronger better you.

  • Through a brilliant but simple process called the Enneagram, you will take a deep dive into your nature, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses through each step in your life’s journey.

  • The Enneagram evaluation process will identify you as one of nine distinct personality types for relating successfully to yourself, to others, and to the world.

  • As a powerful tool for your personal transformation, the Enneagram provides a detailed path for you to follow for continued lifetime growth, achievement and success.

  • You will be guided to investigate, evaluate and define your true beliefs. You will then be shown how to utilize and practice the beliefs that serve and empower you and replace the ones that limit you.

  • You will participate in exercises and questionnaires to clarify and prioritize your core values so that you can begin to make better decisions and create a life that truly represents what you most value as the hero you are choosing to become.

  • You will be guided through a process of discovering and identifying what you are truly passionate about in your life.

  • Through a sophisticated but simple voice-guided process you will clarify and identify your top five passions.

  • Once you have identified what is most important to you, you are taught how to keep your passions as a primary focus for your life. You begin to live a vital, vibrant and more passionate life!

  • You will learn that your life is made up of stories that YOU have created and that the quality of these stories determines the quality of your life.

  • You will discover that you created these stories to try to explain and make sense of the circumstances and events that have occurred in your life. You may not be able to change the circumstances and events of your life, but we will show you how to change your stories from being a victim to being a hero.

2) Consciousness

From clarity gained on many levels comes the opportunity for greater consciousness.

  • In simple terms, your mind is divided into two parts; the conscious and the subconscious. Both are very important and useful. Living in the subconscious is easy and automatic and overwhelmingly predominant. Living in a conscious state is not easy or automatic but is deeply rich and rewarding and creative.

  • The conscious mind is creative. The subconscious mind is made-up of repetitious programs running over and over again. Most of these programs were actually created before the age of 7 and don't work very well in the adult world we now live in!

  • It is a sad fact that most people live their lives largely on autopilot, unconscious of their real motivations and acting out repetitious stories that produce the same unsatisfying results again and again.

  • Experts estimate that people spend up to 95% of their lives operating unconsciously and acting out automatic and often dysfunctional programming from the earliest years of their life.

  • Becoming a fully functioning whole human being requires a high level of consciousness which begins with clarity of mind and then extends to incorporate the body and spirit. You become more alert, awake and aware.

  • This mind, body and spirit congruency creates a state where what you think you also feel and sense with your entire being. You learn how to replace your automatic dysfunctional knee jerk reactions with conscious, creative, and life-affirming responses.

A Hero's Journey shows you how to live your life consciously from a place of knowing and positive action instead of passive wishing, hoping, and wanting. A Hero's Journey empowers you with the knowledge and specific practices that create your integration of mind, body, spirit, and the development of higher consciousness. YOU BECOME THE CONSCIOUS CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE!

3) Confidence

As clarity grows into consciousness, confidence begins to grow as a natural consequence.
You will become sure, strong and confident because:

  • You begin to understand that you are on a Hero's Journey, what the 5 steps of the journey are and where you are in the process.

  • You discover who you really are and what you want and begin consciously choosing to increase your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.

  • Your beliefs about yourself become strong and powerful and you let go of the beliefs that once limited you.

  • You live your life in alignment with heroic core values. You define what is important, more important and most important to you.

  • Your decisions become life-affirming.

  • The stories you tell yourself and others become positive and heroic and you transcend your life's circumstances and events, not just survive them.

  • You are becoming a highly conscious whole human being integrated in your mind, body, and spirit.

  • You are becoming congruent in your thoughts, feelings, and senses.

  • You begin to let go of the rigid "way things should be" and open your heart and mind to direction and contribution from beneficial higher powers.

  • You begin to just "know" what to do and things become so much easier.

Every person's life is a journey. A Hero’s Journey is an eight-week experiential and interactive online program. A Hero’s Journey provides you with the knowledge, tools, and practices that guide you to adopt a proven successful structure and processes for your life. You will begin to create and experience your life as a heroic journey of achievement and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

A Hero’s Journey will transform your unconscious life journey into a conscious Hero’s Journey that is experienced with greater awareness, purpose, confidence, serenity, fulfillment, and happiness. YOU BECOME THE HERO YOU WERE BORN TO BE.

for more than 30 years "a hero's journey"
has successfully transformed lives!
It will work for you too!


Powerfully Change Your Life Forever
In Just 8 Weeks

A Hero's Journey is an 8-module internet-based multimedia and interactive program for lifetime personal growth and transformation. Each of the 8 modules consists of lessons supported by videos, transcripts, exercises, detailed documents to guide you through the process, an online and/or offline journaling ability, and extensive bibliographies for further learning. All of the journals and exercises you complete can be downloaded so that you will have a written chronicle of your journey when you finish.

We’re also pleased to say that A HERO'S JOURNEY IS NOT JUST A COURSE, IT’S ALSO A COMMUNITY! We know that going through this process will be a powerful transformation and change in your life and may, at times, be challenging. A Hero's Journey dives deep into helping you explore these challenges and also helps you to become much more conscious and to create new stories and a positive new life for yourself. We know that there will be questions and insights arising all along the way. To get the most from this profound process of transformation, you not only get direct support and connection with Beverly and Michael but also with others sharing their own Hero's Journey experience.

When you register for A Hero’s Journey, you become part of a private interactive Hero's Journey Facebook group where you can share your experiences and have direct contact with Beverly and Michael. There will also be two live group video calls with Beverly and Michael every month where you can ask questions, share insights, and get additional coaching and support. Our goal is to support you on each step of the Hero’s Journey so that you will emerge as the true Hero or Heroine that you were meant to be.

Welcome To Your Hero's Journey

How The Course Is Organized And How To Get The Most Out Of It

The course will begin with a module devoted to what the course is, how it works and how to get the most out of the process of going through it. You will also be introduced to Dr. Beverly Nelson and Michael Bartlett, the creators of "A Hero's Journey" and founders of LifePath Masters LLC. And then be given an overview of the Hero’s Journey 5 Step Structure.

There is a detailed video that takes you through the complete organization of how the course is designed and where everything is located. The course is very comprehensive with many facets to it. This video shows you where everything is located and how to not only find everything but how to process all of the information so you absorb it at a very deep level so that it actually becomes a part of your life and your being.

Module 1: A Hero’s Journey Intention

It’s Time To Get Clear About What You Really Want!

You are introduced to the 5 steps of the Hero's Journey process and how to use them in your life as a powerful progressive process of personal growth and fulfillment.

In a powerfully positive process, you will be guided to define and write your intention for what you would like to accomplish on your journey and in your life. To assist you in creating your intention you will go through a personal questionnaire to help you clarify your desires. After you have written your intention, you will then be presented with clarifying questions to help you complete the process. You are encouraged to introduce yourself and to share your intention with the Hero’s Journey Community for feedback and integration into the community.

Module 2: The Hero - Who Am I?

We Completely Customize This Course Based Upon Who You Are

Module 2 is a deep dive into your nature, tendencies, strengths, weaknesses and likely responses (positive and negative) through each step in your journey. The Enneagram evaluation process identifies one of nine distinct personality types for relating to your self, to others, and to the world. Over the years, we have used all of the major scientifically validated Personality Assessments. From them all, we have chosen The Enneagram as by far the most effective and useful for this kind of personal growth program. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation.
The Enneagram will give you a much greater understanding of yourself through a universal language that transcends gender, religion, nationality, and culture. You will understand yourself at a deeper level than ever before.

Module 3: The Call To Journey

Do You Hear It? A Conscious Recognition Of New Opportunities!

The Call To Journey is the first of the five steps in the Hero’s Journey and represents a yearning for new experiences and/or dissatisfaction with the status quo. In this module, you will identify your origins and flesh out your current story… the people, the places and the things that currently define you. Who am I now? What is my story? How did I get here? Is this my ideal life? If not, why not? Am I willing to begin to consider what my ideal life might be?
You will be guided to complete a powerful multidimensional exercise that will help you to identify the patterns, people and places that defined you and shaped your life. Your insights and realizations will be enlightening and profound. You see how to recreate your story with you as more confident and capable of living a more effective life while facing any challenges.

Module 4: The Preparation

Clarification, Participation, Preparation

You will discover as you gain clarity and consciousness about who you are, who you intend to be and what it is that you really want… that Mentors and Allies inevitably appear in your life and offer support. This clarity creates a very powerful position and from it, you can see potential and opportunities you would otherwise have missed. This includes how you relate to people, the conversations you have, your perceptions and insights as to who they really are and what you share in common.
You will do this with the aid of a Core Beliefs Inventory Questionnaire and Values Exercises where you identify the beliefs and values that create the foundation of who you are and make up the fabric of your life. Very importantly, you will also identify your limiting beliefs that you will replace or leave behind.

Module 5: The Encounter

You Develop Constantly Increasing Courage And Confidence

How do you deal with problems? All of our lives are made up of inevitable obstacles and challenges. What determines the quality of your life or journey is really not what happens to you but how you deal with what happens to you, mentally and emotionally.
Through a series of insightful and interactive exercises, you are guided to identify the unique core obstacle(s) (fears) that you have to deal with in your life. You are then shown how to identify and/or create the beliefs and values that you will use in dealing with these core obstacle(s). You establish a powerful new methodology and way of dealing with these and future obstacles and problems in your life! Courage rises up within you and you feel and experience a newfound power.
You are now and forever stronger and make better decisions with confidence.

Module 6: My Passions

A New Life Opens Up New Passions For You To Pursue

What do you really desire now? What are your passions in this new life you are creating? It is time to discover and get absolutely clear about what really matters right now.
In this module, we take you through a guided interactive process called The Passion Test where you create a list of 10 passions you now desire to experience in this new world that you are envisioning and creating. Through a simple to do but very sophisticated and interactive process your random list of 10 passions are prioritized to define your top 5 passions, 1 through 5.
Once your top 5 passions have been clarified and prioritized, you are guided through a process of developing “markers” as a way of measuring how you will know where you are in the process of achieving each of your top five passions.
The powerful effect of this new clarity in your life is liberating and profound.

Module 7: The Homecoming

Integrating Your World And Your New Self. Bringing It All Together

You are shown how to define what changes you want to make in four critically “most important” areas of your life...
1) Who Are the most important people in your life
2) What Are your most important spiritual practices (religion, yoga etc.)
3) What Are your most important things (activities and possessions)
4) Where Are your most important places (residence(s) etc.)
Changes to the “the way things are” or “always have been” can be difficult for you and other people involved in your life. You go through a guided process that supports you in making the changes you have defined for yourself and your world. The creation of your new world is now beginning to manifest itself through your conscious and enlightened action.

Module 8: Recounting Of The Tale

Celebrate Your Journey And The Hero You Have Become

Completion, Celebration & Communication… it is time for you to claim your place in the world as the Hero of This Journey and of your life. It's time to recognize and claim the powerful transformation you have experienced. Time to share your wisdom with the world. You make it conscious and real.
To kick-start the sharing, you are guided through a process of reflection and consideration and then guided to answer questions like …
What was the most important insight(s) in your journey?
What was the most valuable setback and how did you transform it?
What have you realized about your original Intention?
You're living the five steps of the Hero’s Journey... Never Lost Again!
You are transformed and live your life as a Hero! You'll never go back!

Make Your Life Better right now!
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Regular Price $767.00
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Post-Introductory Regular Price$767.00
12 Months Private Facebook Group Membership$324.00
24 Live Group Coaching Calls (2 x 12 Months)$1,128.00
Total Course Value$2,219.00
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Easy Payment Plan
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+2 Monthly Payments of $167.00

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